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Our History

Formation of an Arts Council research committee was initiated by unanimous Crystal Lake City Council vote in December, 1980. After three years, the Community Arts Council was established as a fully-sanctioned City Commission in May, 1983 by the Council, with representatives appointed from the City, the Crystal Lake Park District, the community at large, local service organizations, visual and performing artists, and the corporate community. In addition, a separate group was designated to be comprised of representatives from local arts organizations. The Arts Council was based in City Hall, acting as liaison to coordinate activities of various arts organizations in the community, promoting interest in programs in all phases of the arts, and aiding in program development. Steps were taken in 1991 for the Arts Council to become a separate nonprofit organization. We grew from a clearinghouse for publicizing events in the area to a facilitator for initiating broad-based arts programming, community outreach, and scholarships for the entire area. Members joined from McHenry, Kane, Lake, DuPage and Cook counties. The Community Arts Council adopted its current name, Northwest Area Arts Council (NAAC), in September, 1994, to reflect the impact and goals of the growing organization. During the ten years ending December, 2004, NAAC successfully completed a great number of art exhibitions and programs at the Old Courthouse Arts Center in Woodstock and other venues.

NAAC’s structure and direction

NAAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our membership is comprised of various arts organizations, working artists, photographers, writers, their families and organizations who support and appreciate the arts. Artist members of all disciplines share the beliefs and values of the Council. Our programming reaches out to the entire McHenry County area and beyond, with major events and activities in Woodstock, McHenry, Algonquin, and Crystal Lake. NAAC is operated by volunteers who serve as a working Board of Directors. The same group includes our President, Vice-President and Secretary/ Treasurer. Administrative duties are provided by a part-time paid Assistant to the Board. Our Board has matured and evolved over the
years and today is very focused on bringing NAAC back to the forefront of cultural activity in Northern Illinois. We’re planning a number of new programs, organizational relationships, and funding connections to continue our arts advocacy efforts. One key effort is that of finding additional benefits for our working artist members.

NAAC’s mission

The Northwest Area Arts Council is a volunteer agency dedicated to connecting artists of all ages with the community at large and to fostering creativity in all areas of life. NAAC accomplishes this by educating, informing, and inspiring the community through programs and events that encourage appreciation, participation, and support of the arts.

NAAC’s goals:

  • to encourage the coordination, promotion and development of educational and
    cultural activities among various area organizations
  • to enhance the cultural climate in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago

  • to develop art and educational programming for adults and children

  • to offer opportunities for children and adults to showcase their artistic talents

  • to organize and promote programs that will enrich and strengthen families by emphasizing the importance of the arts in their lives.
  • In particular, the value of artistic and creative expression of our young people and the
    process of becoming an artist is a key component of our efforts.

NAAC’s collaboration with Lakeside Legacy

In addition to work with many arts and cultural groups over the years, NAAC’s collaboration with the Lakeside Legacy Foundation resulted in two highly successful Arts Showcase events, held in October and December of 2004, as well as naac's 2006 Annual Members' Show.   NAAC is working together with the Foundation to accomplish their goal of adding a fine arts component to events held at the Lakeside Center and further, to assist them with fulfillment of their vision of creating a world-class arts education destination, the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park. NAAC encourages artists and nonprofit organizations to consider the Lakeside property as a choice location for studios or other arts education operations. Leasing opportunities are available. Visit their Web site at www.lakesidelegacy.org for more information.


NAAC’s E-mail Privacy Policy

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NAAC’s Web site

Please continue to visit the NAAC’s Web site at http://www.naac4art.org to take your first step toward joining as a member, to learn more about our organization or to discuss cooperative adventures in the world of art. It is our goal to offer you the latest information about NAAC programs and events through this site. If you have any suggestions for our site please contact us at: suggestions@naac4art.org.

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